Festival Utopia at the EMBROS Theatre (Athens)

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The photographic group DIAFRAGMA 26 hosted a festival at the EMBROS Theatre (Athens, Psiri ) at the 2nd until the 4th  of February 2018, called: “UTOPIA”

More than 80 artists participated with art pieces themed by: painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, music, dancing, video art, performance, short films, theatrical plays, novels and more.

The festival was free and open for all.


The photographic group DIAFRAGMA 26, hosts for several years now, festivals with the purpose of promoting Contemporary Art and helping artists communicate with its other in a safe space of creation and imagination and trying to start an educational, productive dialogue inside the art community. Their last festival was held in 2017 and the theme was LOVE.


Utopia is an imaginary world or society where all is harmonized and perfect. An unrealistic, type of dream world. A world socially, politically and lawfully perfect.

It is connected with an optimistic, idealistic, almost impossible perfection, the power of the idealization of the simple, the joyful, the natural and the real.

“Arcadia”, (Et ego in Arcadia) as a word, represents a historical search for harmonization with nature and at the same time is considered a synonym for the word “Utopia”.

It is also referred to the idealistic man, who is an unrealistic dreamer.

“All the Utopian societies will be passed on, only men will gain wings and become angels” Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Photographic Group DIAFRAGMA 26 – www.diafragma26.gr

Festival Coordinator: Ksakousti Helaki.

Art Coordinator: Andreas Katsikoudis, Athina Kanelopoulou, Dimitris Roustanis, Ksakousti Helaki



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