Hiking in Mount Olympus, Greece

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Mt.Olympus Is the most famous mountain in Greece, mythical home of the ancient Greek Gods. From its steep rocky summit, first climbed only 100 years ago, Zeus supposedly hurled his thunderbolts against humankind. Its eastern flanks were the country’s first national park (created in the 1930’s), with dozens of endemic species of flowers, as well as some endangered bird and butterfly species; there are no roads within it apart from the trailhead access road. There is also no habitation apart from the two-staffed refuges, which bring together groups of mountaineers from across the globe in their cozy and homely atmosphere. The mountain’s watershed divides the regions of Thessaly (south) and Macedonia (north); to the east is the Aegean Sea, which brings in the afternoon/evening mist so characteristic of this mountain.


We started from Gkortsia (crossroad), beginning hiking, at an altitude of 1.100 metres. The route from Gkortsia to Petrostrougka Refuge is one of the two most frequented hiking paths on Mount Olympus. Most of the hike comes through a thick forest of pines, and fir trees. The path is in good condition. We make our way up to 1.940m alt. and reach the refuge for a short break.

Leaving the refuge, we followed a zigzaging path that will bring us straight to Plateau of the Muses, where a small but friendly refuge waited for us (Kakalos refuge) . You can see more at the video that follows:



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