The Big Draw festival in Barcelona 2016

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Formally known as ‘The Campaign for Drawing’, the Big Draw was founded in 2000 by Museu Picasso as an arts education charity, delivering a day of free workshops for artists, illustrators, designers and anyone else interested in the discipline each … Continued

The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment!

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A lot of people participated in the world’ biggest eye contact experiment that took place at Plaça del Sol in Barcelona,Spain.People share a minutes eye contact with strangers in public to rebuild their sense of shared humanity! This was part of … Continued

Markos,a wolfdog returns to nature

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Markos is a wolfdog who was raised in Thessaloniki when he was in early age (a few months old). After his first six months of living in a small house in the old city of Thessaloniki his friend Kwstas took … Continued

Protesting farmers in Agrotica exhibition

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Thousand Greek farmers took part in protests against a controversial pension reform. The farmers have formed protest hubs at dozens of locations on Greece’s national highways, intermittently blocking traffic in recent days…          

Absence to Presence

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Ισως η απουσία να είναι παρουσία… Maybe the Absence becomes Presence…   A night in a wooden cottage close to Olumpos mountain    

The day of colors

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The Day of Colors’ is a celebration of joy, organized by group SFINA. It is a day dedicated to human communication. A day dedicated to Life, Love and Unity. The event took place at the ex military camp of Kodra,with … Continued

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